Rope Lube (Camellia / jojoba oil blend for jute ropes)

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A blend of pure camellia and jojoba oils that's perfect for treating, conditioning and maintaining your jute ropes for shibari. Keep your ropes well hydrated to help prevent fibres breaking or shedding so your ropes can last longer.

Maintain your jute ropes with our rope lube.

Dry ropes are brittle, and they shed when tying leading to the ropes getting thinner and weaker over time. It is important to keep your ropes properly hydrated with oil to safely extend their life.

Camellia and jojoba oil are routinely used in massage oils. They have a composition quite similar to our skin's sebum, which makes oiled ropes feel smooth to the touch. Jojoba oil is technically a liquid-wax, with an extremely long shelf life. We use it in our blend partly to prevent the camellia oil from evaporating.

  • Blend of 100% cold-pressed camellia oil (tsubaki oil) and jojoba oil.
  • Keeps ropes supple, and helps prevent the shedding of jute fibres during tying.
  • Reduces friction on hands 
  • Faint amber hue.
  • Odorless.

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Chris Hunter-Johnson
Great product great service

The rope and rope treat gear is of great quality and looking forward to using at the next jam.
The delivery was quicker than expected and really packaged without the usual plastic. Looking after the environment as well a A++ product and service.