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Rattan (kooboo and dragon) canes are now available for shipping! It's definitely one of our favourite toys and go very nicely with rope play too. 

Kooboo are lighter, more flexible canes with a bit of a 'swish'. Ideal for warm-ups and lighter play.

Dragon canes are dense, heavier canes. These are popular among more experienced players as they deliver more impactful strikes.

We recommend starting with the kooboo canes if you are new to this kind of play. Or even better, you can get a discounted bundle of two (one kooboo and one dragon) to try out and experiment.

Our canes are between approx. 8mm and 10mm thickness. The length of our canes vary slightly between about 70-90cm - this is because cut and balance each cane individually. Our canes are shipped in a cardboard poster tube.